KCP Judges

Adil Bangash
Adil Bangash KCP Breed Judge (Can Award CACIB Only to Rottweilers)


Mr M Adil Alam Khan Bangash is a founder member of Pakistan Rottweiler Club and also started performing duties as breed warden north region with the formation of PRC. He is a permanent member of Kennel Club of Pakistan.

The first Rottweiler he kept in 1987 and then has been enthusiast of Rottweiler breed. It has been more than 3 decades of his constant efforts and contribution to the development of Rottweiler breed in Pakistan. Under prefix vom AB’s his kennel has been breeding very high quality dogs. He has also imported dogs from reputed kennels abroad for the promotion of Rottweiler breed in Pakistan. He has gained more experience by attending the ADRK shows and working trials in Germany.

He has done many stewardship with all the respectable judges of Pakistan, as well as with the honorable judges of ADRK and FCI.

Mr Adil Bangash is now judging for the past 5 years as registered Rottweiler specialist judge with Kennel Club of Pakistan and Pakistan Rottweiler Club.