KCP Visiting Judges

Leenen Theo, Belgium FCI Judge

He started breeding under his own kennel name in 1978. He first bred Labrador Retrievers and afterwards Miniature Dachshunds Longhair. His kennel name was KELBY’S. He had very good results with his dogs and several new kennels in Belgium started with Labradors which he bred. He does not breed anymore. He is not keeping any dogs presently.

He became a dog show judge in 1986 for Labrador Retrievers and since then he got qualified for approximately 330 breeds. First he got qualified for all the breeds of FCI groups 4 and 8, afterwards for all the breeds of FCI groups 1, 2, 5, 6, 7 and 10 and several breeds in groups 3 and 9. He judges almost 25 times a year. He has judged almost in every country of Europe. He has also judged several times in Australia, China, India, Japan and Thailand, Israel and Argentina.

During all these years he was involved in several breed clubs and for several years he was responsible for inviting show-judges for the International Dog show of Lommel in Belgium. Besides this he has been President of the Board of the Belgian Kennel Club and a member of the Judges Commission.