KCP Visiting Judges

Mrs Carole Coode, The UK FCI Judge

Carole started in Labradors in Australia in 1967, "Basker" was a first anniversary present to her from husband David, and Basker's nephew (bought the following year for him), started them off. Firstly in Obedience where they both gained titles and she and David passed their exams to be Obedience judges. They started to show a little down in Australia, and when they moved to Malaysia they became more bitten by the showing bug. When they returned to England in mid 1974 they were well read, having consumed every Labrador book they could get their hands on, and knew the type of Labrador they wanted to own and breed. In the last 25 years we have made up a quarter of all the full Labrador Champions in the UK and have the only champion bitch with a KC Working Gundog Certificate. In their two other breeds, German Shorthaired Pointers and Sussex spaniels, added 23 and 18 years ago respectively they have gained a further four champions, two in each breed with two more GSP bitches with CC's. All Champions over the three breeds except the first GSP male have been home bred. Bringing their total of CC's to 121 with 117 Reserves. Until David retired two years ago he wasn't as "hands on" as he would have liked due to working 75% of the year abroad, but he was always in the ring when ever he could be. All decisions about breeding and puppies was always a joint decision. Since his retirement he has taken over all the field training of the dogs and last winter we had 8 trained Labradors for him to choose from for his two days a week picking up in the season. As construction is so important to Carole, she became a Kennel Club Accredited Trainer, going round giving lectures on "Confirmation & Movement" to aspiring judges, and now also the "Hands On" Judging Assessments - she also judges other breeds in the Gundog Group and awards CC's in 21 Breeds, as well as awarding the Gundog Group at Championship Shows. She is on the top judging lists for American Cockers, Field Spaniels and Large Munsterlanders, these being the only 3 Gundog breeds in the UK that she does not currently give CCs for but will be automatically approved for these when invited.