Kennel Registration with the FCI

December 3, 2018

Kennel Club of Pakistan has now become Full Member of the FCI. Serious breeders, who have a registered Kennel should registered their Kennels with the FCI. By registering with FCI, the breeders will get international recognition of their Kennels and also protection of their Kennel Names. FCI will put the names of the Kennels on the FCI website and also issue a card to the owners with its stamp of approval.

By this the Kennels will be known internationally and the puppies produced will have international standing. This will also add prestige to the Kennels. Those desirous of registering their Kennels with the FCI can apply online via their member profile pages. Only members with a registered Kennel Suffix/Prefix can apply. FCI does accept more than one owner of the Kennel Name. The cost of registering with the FCI will be Rs. 6,000. This includes, FCI Fee and allied charges. This is a one time cost only.

Please feel free to contact the KCP office, in case you have any questions/concerns.

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