Minutes of Managing Committee Meeting - 3rd September 2022

September 3, 2022

1.        Call to Order.          Colonel (Retd) Kenneth Manmohan Roy, the President of Kennel Club of Pakistan, called to order the general meeting of the KCP board of directors as per following details: -

           1.1      Date               :           3rd September 2022 (Saturday)

           1.2      Venue            :           Defense Raya Club, DHA Lahore.

           1.3      Time              :           12:15 pm to 04:30 pm

2.        Roll Call.       Mr. Nasir Ishaq Malik, Secretary KCP, conducted the roll call. The following members attended the meeting: -

           2.1      Colonel (Retd) K. M. Roy, President

           2.2      Mr. Nasir Malik, Secretary

           2.3      Mr. Farid Qureshi

           2.4      Mr. Faisal Khan

           2.5      Mr. Sajjad Mahdi

           2.6      Mr. Nauman Asghar

3.        Quorum Complete for Meeting.           After the roll call The Secretary informed the President that the quorum was complete for the meeting as per The Constitution of KCP.

4.        Calling the Meeting to Order.    As the meeting was in quorum, President called the meeting to order.

5.        Approval of Minutes of Previous Meeting.   Minutes of previous meeting of KCP which was held on 7th November 2021 were presented by the secretary for endorsement of the present members. Following points were endorsed by all the present members. Detailed minutes of conference with full script can be seen on web portal of KCP for reference: -

            5.1      Rules Regarding Affiliated Breed Clubs.

            5.2      Rules regarding KCP show committee.

            5.3      Appointment of National Breed Warden.

            5.4      Rules regarding new KCP Judges.

            5.5      Training of Judges and Ring Stewards.

            5.6      Removal of members with uncleared dues.

            5.7      Election of New Permanent Members.

            5.8      KCP Elections.

6.        Agenda Points for the Current Meeting.        Following agenda points were sent to all members with the approval of the president KCP. Point No. 4.15 and 4.16 were added in the list of agenda points before start of the meeting by approval of The President as per provisions given in Article 9 of the KCP Constitution. Agenda points were read over by the Secretary to all attendees.

            6.1      Approval of the Minutes of the last meeting.

            6.2      Secretary’s Report.

            6.3      Secretary’s report on FCI General Assembly.

            6.4      Framing Rules for affiliation of Breed Clubs.

            6.5      Making procedure for approval by circulation.

            6.6      Revising Fee of Litter Registration and Ownership Transfers etc keeping in view the price hike.

            6.7      Mandatory registering Kennel Names with FCI.

            6.8      Constituting a Show Committee.

            6.9      Schedule for coming Show Season.

            6.10    Rules for making new KCP Judges.

            6.11    Giving Grace Period for payment of Membership Subscription.

            6.12    Training of Judges and Stewards.

            6.13    Making arrangements for KCP General Election.

            6.14    Formation of Toy Breed Club.

            6.15    Discussion on Letter sent by Lt Col (Retd) Faiz Mukhtar.

            6.16    Redesigning of new Logo for KCP.

7.        Approval of the Agenda Points.            Agenda Points were unanimously approved.

8.        President’s Opening Remarks.  President KCP, gave the opening address.

           8.1      The President thanked all members of the managing committee for their support to the KCP in all thick and thin. He especially thanked Mr. Fareed Qureshi, Vet Dr. Faisal Ibrahim Khan and Mr. Sajjad Mahdi for attending the meeting from out stations.

           8.2      President explained that the last Show Season was excellent. KCP and its affiliated Clubs had nineteen Dog Shows and two Cup Matches. Six foreign judges came to Pakistan to judge CACIB Shows, All Breed Shows and Pakistan Rottweiler Club Seiger Show.  Al foreign judges were full of praises for KCP and organizers of shows. After so many years, a very good All Breed Show was held in Karachi, which was judged by two foreign judges. A good number of exhibitors from Lahore and Islamabad took their dogs to participate in this Show, which was very encouraging.

           8.3      The President also appreciated efforts of the Secretary KCP for arranging and supervising very successful dog show season.

           8.4      The President, very briefly, apprised Members of the Managing Committee about the details of FCI General Assembly 2022, held in Madrid in June 2022. President and Secretary represented KCP in this General Assembly and also attended World Dog Show. President told the Meeting that all expenses of attending FCI General Assembly, including traveling, hotel stay and allied expenses were personally borne by Mr. Nasir Ishaq Malik as a donation to KCP. He thanked Mr. Nasir Ishaq Malik (Secretary KCP) for his financial support to KCP. Mr. Nasir Ishaq Malik paid 100% of all bills in his personal capacity and KCP did not spend anything.

           8.5      The President mentioned that some good dog owners, who were misled or unwittingly joined dog clubs which are not recognized by KCP, can be accepted back and they can show their dogs in KCP shows provided they fulfil criteria of KCP vis-à-vis registration and breeding of dogs. For this purpose, KCP will follow rules set by the FCI. KCP can make its own rules but those rules must not be contradictory to the rules of FCI.

9.        Secretary’s Report 2021/22

9.1      The whole world was badly affected by the pandemic in 2020/21. Effects of the pandemic are still affecting activities in most parts of the world. Dog shows were also affected and even cancelled all over the world during season 2020/21. Season 2021/22 was also held with Corona SOPs in place.

9.2      Due to Corona it was a challenge to invite international dog show judges. Number of local judges in Pakistan are not many. Hence conduct of the dog shows remained a challenge. Owners have already shown under local judges repeatedly hence they know the opinion of the local judges about their dogs. Owners are interested to show their dogs under different judges which is only possible by inviting international and reputed judges to Pakistan.

9.3      With sincere efforts of dog keeping fraternity in Pakistan, KCP and affiliated clubs could manage a successful show season 2021/22 remaining inside the COVID SOPs and constraints. A total of 6 x foreign judges successfully judged dog shows in Pakistan.

9.4      Following number of events were successfully held: -

            9.4.1  FCI                  -           2 x CACIBs

            9.4.2  KCP                 -           2 x All Breed Shows

            9.4.3  GSDCP           -           7 x Shows

            9.4.4  GDCP             -           2 x Shows & 2 x Cup Matches

            9.4.5  PRC                 -           4 x Shows

9.5      Last show in Karachi was held in February 2016. After a long gap dog show was again held in Karachi in show season 2021/22 which was judged by two foreign judges. Quality of the crowd, especially families, encouraged me as Secretary KCP. After a long gap of 5 years Karachi City was revived again as a show venue. In this season more shows will be planned in Karachi.

9.6      As our show season is spanned over three months only, other than dog shows, 2 x cup matches were also organized by GDCP to keep the dogs in shape. It also helps in training of exhibitors. GDCP also held webinars.

9.7      Other breed clubs are also suggested to adopt this trend to train their dog, exhibitors and upcoming judges. Anyone with ability to become a judge in future can be asked to judge a cup match to improve his ring handling and judging abilities.

9.8      KCP has taken a giant leap in 2020/21 by making all matters of KCP online. A professional firm was hired to make a well-functioning online portal. Breeding, Stud certificates, litter registrations and ownership transfer etc everything is currently online. Show results are immediately uploaded on the portal for information of all. Online portal ensures that fee paid by users for any purpose goes into KCP account and is accounted for. With effect from this year, complete financial report of KCP will be made live on web portal for information of all members to ensure transparency.

9.9      Constitution of the KCP was made available on web portal of KCP for all members. Updated list of permanent members of KCP is also available. Irrelevant and dormant people were part of KCP permanent member list. KCP took solid steps to remove such members as per the constitution of KCP but cannot go beyond the provisions of the constitution to remove them. They may still be a very few irrelevant members who show no interest in the activities of KCP or live abroad but they cannot be removed violating KCP constitutional provisions.

9.10    KCP is a registered body and it has to function as per its constitution. No permanent member can be removed on whims of any one from KCP. Hence a proper procedure and method as per constitution will be followed to include or exclude members. Complete procedure was followed as per KCP Constitution and members with overdue dormant members were removed from list of permanent members. And none of those appealed against the removal as per their constitutional rights. Updated list of permanent members is available on web portal of KCP.

9.11    January to January statistics of mating records, puppies registered and litters registered etc will be available on web portal of KCP.

9.12    As a national club we have firm resolve that show season 2022/23 will be much better than the previous one.

10.      FCI Visit by President & Secretary KCP.          There is a conflict in two big canine organizations in the world i.e The FCI and WUSV. These two organizations were initially working together but have now parted ways. Pakistan is one of the very few countries in the world whose national club and German Shepherd Club are working in total harmony with the FCI and WUSV respectively. We were requested by GSDCP to play a role to bridge the gap between the FCI and WUSV. KCP sent a motion to FCI suggesting a serious dialogue between FCI and WUSV, which was accepted and was added in the agenda points for further discussion at the FCI General Assembly Meeting. This motion, after proper discussion, was passed with an overwhelming majority because of efforts of Pakistan.

10.1    Morocco did not participate in the FCI meeting and they sent their proxy to President KCP. Hence the KCP had 2 x votes in this meeting.

10.2    President and secretary of KCP visited Spain from 18 June 2022 to 25 June 2022 to attend FCI General Assembly Meeting and World Dog Show 2022.

10.3    They attended an informal meeting of FCI Asia & Africa Section was held on 19th June 2022 in Madrid. This was an informal meeting to have a common stance during FCI General Assembly Meeting.  Formal meeting General Assembly meeting was held on 20th June 2022.

10.4    Colonel (Retd) K. M. Roy addressed FCI General Assembly on Issue of expulsion of Russia from FCI because of Ukraine war. Col Roy gave a very powerful speech stressing not to take sides on basis of political inclinations. Everyone in the assembly applauded the speech and it also helped people in making the right choice at the end. Majority voted in favour of Russia.

10.5    President and Secretary KCP also met and interacted and discussed subjects of mutual interest with the President of the FCI Dr. Tamas Jakkel.

11.      Discussion on Agenda Points

11.1    Rules Regarding Affiliated Breed Clubs.         In previous general meeting a time period of 6 months was given to all breed clubs to get themselves registered with SECP. PRC requested to extend the timeline for registration with SECP as they could not complete the process in given time. It was stressed by the secretary that registration with SECP is necessary to avoid legal complication for breed club or KCP. Any disgruntled member can use legal loop hole against the club. Secretary also offered any type of help required by PRC in registration process.

11.2    Approval by Circulation.  The preferred way to approve any agenda point is by physically holding the Managing Committee Meeting. However, sometimes physical meetings are difficult to be held because of lack of time, availability of members, who have to travel long distances for one or two minor approvals. Therefore, Managing Committee resolved that in such cases, the approval can be obtained by Video Conference or by Circulation.

11.3    Revising Fee Structure of KCP.  National breed warden Mr. Fareed Qureshi may be empowered to make a proposal towards revision of existing fee structure of KCP. Existing Fee Structure is available online on web portal of KCP. Following fees in PKR were suggested to be amended by the members: -

            11.3.1            Kennel Name Registration: From PKR 15000 to PKR 20000

            11.3.2            Yearly Membership Fee: From PKR 1000 to PKR 1500

            11.3.3            Kennel Registration with FCI: From PKR 10000 to PKR 6000

11.4    Mandatory registering Kennel Names with FCI.      No kennel from Pakistan is currently registered with FCI. This point was discussed in the FCI General Assembly. Now this has been made mandatory to register Kennel suffixes/ prefixes with the FCI. Its fees will be PKR 6000 per Kennel Name. For new registration of Kennel Names, Fee for registration with FCI will be embedded in Kennel Registration Fee and in all future kennel name registrations. However, Kennels already registered with KCP will pay Rs. 6000/= for registration with the FCI.

11.5    Constitution of Show committee. Following show committee is suggested to be formed in last meeting. Minutes of the same meeting have already been approved in today’s meeting. Member name for PRC was to be suggested which is being added today.

           11.5.1            Nasir Ishaq Malik                 -           Chairperson / KCP

           11.5.2            Faheem Asghar                   -           GSDCP

           11.5.3            Sajjad Mahdi                        -           LRCP

           11.5.4            Waseem Abdullah                -           GDCP

           11.5.5            Jawwad Riaz                        -           PRC

11.6    Schedule for Coming Show Season.     One show committee meeting was already held by Secretary KCP in which representatives from all affiliated clubs were invited. Previously show schedule was never discussed or shared in General Meeting of KCP. This time an endeavor is made to finalize the show season in General Meeting of KCP. Show calendar approved by Show Committee of KCP is appended below: -

            11.6.1            GDCP Cup Match, October 2022, Islamabad.

            11.6.2            GDCP Cup Match, November 2022, Lahore.

            11.6.3            GDCP Championship Show, 20 November 2022, Lahore.

            11.6.4            GSDCP LG Show, 20 November 2022, Lahore.

            11.6.5            GSDCP LG Show, 27 November 2022, Islamabad.

            11.6.6            GSDCP OG Show, 4 December 2022, Gujranwala.

            11.6.7            CACIB Show, 11 December 2022, Lahore.

            11.6.8            GSDCP OG Show, 18 December 2022, Sheikhupura.

            11.6.9            GSDCP OG Show, 25 December 2022, Sialkot.

            11.6.10          GDCP Show, 1 January 2023, Islamabad.

            11.6.11          PRC Show, 1 January 2023, Lahore.

            11.6.12          KCP All Breed, 8 January 2023, Karachi.

            11.6.13          GSDCP LG Show, 8 January 2023, Karachi.

            11.6.14          PRC Show, 8 January 2023, Karachi.

            11.6.15          GDCP Labrador Specialty, 15 January 2023, Lahore.

            11.6.16          GSDCP LG Show, 15 January 2023, Lahore.

            11.6.17          PRC Show, 15 January 2023, Lahore.

            11.6.18          GSDCP Show, 22 January 2023, Faisalabad.

            11.6.19          CACIB Show, 29 January 2023, Islamabad.

            11.6.20          GSDCP Seiger Show, 4-5 February 2-23, Lahore.

            11.6.21          PRC Seiger Show, 12 February 2023, Lahore.

            11.6.22          GDCP Pointer Specialty, 12 February 2023, Lahore.

            11.6.23          CACIB Show, 19 February 2023, Lahore.

11.7.              Rules for making new KCP Judges.       This responsibility was given to Mr. Fareed Qureshi in last General Meeting. Rules regarding becoming a dog judge are defined by FCI and are also available on KCP Website. Anyone can apply to become a dog judge if he fulfills the required criteria. Following GSDCP Judges are being suggested by the Secretary KCP to be approved as KCP Judges to Judge GSDs in KCP All Breed Shows.

              11.7.1             Hassan Shamsi                    Approved GSDCP Judge

              11.7.2             Faheem Asghar                   Approved GSDCP Judge

              11.7.3             All present executive members voted in favour of the                                                 motion.

11.8    Giving Grace Period for payment of Membership Subscription. KCP is going towards election. All permanent members have been notified to pay their dues till July 22. But a grace period of 6 x months is being approved for permanent members to clear their dues.

11.9    Training of Judges and Stewards.         National Breed Warden to make a plan and submit to KCP. People need to be motivated to come forward for training as per FCI rules for judges to become dog judges in future.

11.10 KCP General Election.       Presently KCP is a very functional club. All member lists are updated. More relevant and active members are needed for managing committee through fair elections. Any permanent member can become a committee member if elected in elections. It was proposed by the Secretary that New Managing Committee be elected by elections. The required procedure of election be started and completed as per constitution. Committee resolved that General Elections will be held in 2nd Week of December 2022. KCP will complete all legal formalities for the General Elections before that date. An appointed Election Commissioner will oversee the elections. Previous two elections were over seen by Jamshed Rehmat Ullah, Advocate of Supreme Court and a former Judge Lahore High Court. Jamshed Rehmat Ullah was unanimously approved to be Election Commissioner for next KCP General Elections of KCP.

11.11 Formation of Toy Breed Club.   Toy breeds are being neglected and ignored. KCP as club got out of touch of toy breed breeders. Pug Club of Pakistan was formed and it conducted many successful dogs. But thereafter due to lack of resources the club went into hibernation. I am suggesting formulation of a Toy Breed Club to look after breeders of Toy Breeds. Managing Committee is requested to empower Secretary KCP to make a framework of Toy Breed Club of Pakistan. They will be registered with SECP under an adhoc management appointed by Secretary KCP. Initially this club will be financially supported by KCP if required. All available members of Managing Committee voted in favour of the motion that Secretary KCP is empowered to formulate structure of The Toy Breed Club.

11.12 Letter sent by Lt Col (Retd) Faiz Mukhtar.     When invitation for the general meeting was sent to Lt Col (Retd) Faiz Mukhtar he sent a reply email with allegations. That email needs to be discussed here in this meeting. Two main allegations are appended below: -

11.12.1          President and secretary KCP are taking independent decisions without approval of managing committee.

11.12.2          List of permanent members displayed on KCP website is incorrect and inadequate.

11.12.3          Lt Col (Retd) Faiz Mukhtar did not point out any particular instance or incident. Allegations were just     general comments.

11.12.4          Managing Committee unanimously opines that, “these concerns are ill found and based on misunderstanding. Every decision taken by the National Breed Warden, President and Secretary of KCP has full backing of the managing committee and its powers delegated to them under the article 12 of the constitution. However, KCP managing committee has to power under same article to amend or withdraw these powers at any time. Since 2009, the managing committee has already granted powers to the President to issue executive orders when managing committee is not in session. However, the executive order must be approved by the managing committee in the next meeting, otherwise the executive order would stand void. It has been found that these powers have been used by the president four times in fourteen years. Three were approved by the managing committee and one was not approved. However, managing committee decided that these powers may be continued.

11.12.5          Above mentioned resolution was passed by all six present members.

11.13 Redesigning of KCP’s Logo.         The Managing Committee has decided that KCP’s official logo has now become very old fashioned and it needs to be redesigned. All available members have voted in favour of this motion. Managing Committee has given authority to the secretary KCP to get the logo redesigned. After the approval of the managing committee the new logo will used for all official/ display purposes.

12.      Closing Remarks by the President.      President once again appreciated the members who came from other cities to attend the meeting despite their commitments and bad health. He also once again appreciated the selfless efforts being put in by Mr. Nasir Ishaq Malik as Secretary of KCP. Then he declared that the meeting is closed.

13.      Conclusion of the Meeting.        All agenda points were discussed at length. Minutes will be put up to Secretary and the President for approval. After the meeting was closed by the President the quorum was adjourned by the Secretary.

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