Minutes of Show Coordination Meeting

February 12, 2022

1.        Call to Order.          Mr. Nasir Ishaq Malik, secretary of Kennel Club of Pakistan (KCP) and President of Gundog Club of Pakistan (GDCP), called to order a virtual meeting of the Show Management Committees of KCP and GDCP as per following details: -

1.1      Date               :           11th February 2022 (Friday)

1.2      Venue            :           Google Meet

1.3      Time              :           09:00 pm to 09:55 pm

2.        Roll Call.       The following members were online.

2.1      Mr. Nasir Malik, Secretary KCP & President GDCP

2.2      Mr. Waseem Abdullah, Secretary GDCP

2.3      Mr. Faheem Asghar

2.4      Mr. Mohsin Naqvi

2.5      Maj (Retd) Khawar Abbas Rizvi

2.6      Mr. Shaphan Samuel

2.7      Mr. Aqeel Daniel

2.8      Mr. Malik Maddy

2.9      Lt Col Asif Gulzar, Webmaster

3.        Agenda Points for the Current Meeting

3.1      Fine tuning of conduct modalities for twin dog shows on 20th February 2022.

3.2      Distribution of responsibilities.

3.3      Clarification of doubts regarding show arrangements.

4.        Decisions taken in the Meeting

4.1      Focus of the shows must be on quality and not on numbers.

4.2      Entries will be taken on advance payment only to avoid bogus and fake entries.

4.3      Online portal will be fully utilized less extreme emergency and genuine reasons.

4.4      Trophies will be given only to 1st in Class dogs. No trophies will be presented to 2nd and 3rd in class. Only certificates will be offered to 2nd and 3rd in class.

4.5      Judge coming to judge FCI CACIB all breed show is SV certified judge. Hence GSD fanciers must fully utilize the show for a quality GSD judging. Faheem Asghar has been tasked to bring maximum good quality GSDs to the show.

4.6      Two rings will be established i.e. one ring for GDCP show and second ring for FCI CACIB Show. Third ring will be Preparation Ring and it will be established in between two show rings to save preparation time of classes in waiting.

4.7      As per code of conduct of KCP and GDCP only one person will interact with the judges. Person nominated to interact with judges is Mr. Waseem Abdullah, Secretary GDCP.

4.8      Exhibitors must be registered owner of the dog to show the dog under their own name.

4.9      Webmaster Team will make a step wise video clip for online show entries and the video will be shared on WhatsApp groups to guide exhibitors. All exhibitors are requested to get their Login Credentials from the Webmaster Team.

4.10    Judges order for both shows will be formulated and will be shared on KCP and GDCP websites to ensure smooth and parallel flow of both shows.

4.11    To save very young puppies from unnecessary exposure to environmental hazards Baby Class has been finished from KCP Shows. Classes will start from Puppy Class. Grades like Very Promising and Promising for Puppy classes have been finished. Puppy Class will also be graded as Excellent, Very Good, Good and so on as per KCP Award System.

4.12    Pug Group of Pakistan has also been asked to get vibrant and vitalized and show its presence in all breed show through good quality entries of pugs.

4.13    200 x chairs and 3 x sound systems will be arranged. 8 x gazebos EACH will also be installed with both the show rings. Flower arrangements will also be like previous show. Lighting arrangement must be good.

4.14    There will be one writer steward and one show steward for each ring. One individual will be detailed to arrange the classes in waiting in the preparation ring.

4.15    Show will start at 11:00 am sharp.

4.16    Last date of entries is 17th February 2022. No late entry or not on-site entry will be accepted.

4.17    Show results will be compiled by Mr. Waseem Abdullah and the same will be provided to Webmaster Team to be uploaded on websites.

4.18    Malik Maddy has been nominated to head the show management. He needs to workout the expenditure estimates and inform Secretary KCP for timely release of funds.

Note: There will be two dog shows at same venue and hence dogs will be able to participate in two shows on one day. All fanciers and exhibitors are requested to join hands and make these shows a missive success.

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