September 12, 2022

(Based on FCI Rule and Regulations for Show Judges CLICK HERE TO READ)

1. FCI has laid down rules for making new judges, which are laid out in FCI Rules and Regulations. These regulations are compulsory for all FCI National Canine Organizations and are to be considered as MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS of the FCI for any individual to be accepted as a show judge by the National Canine Organization.

2. Keeping in view FCI Rules, the Kennel Club of Pakistan is starting a judges’ selection and education program as required by the FCI. The project will be under the supervision of KCP National Breed Warden Mr. Farid Qureshi. All FCI Member Kennel Clubs have to follow FCI Rules & Regulations of Show Judges. These Show Regulations, giving the minimum requirements to become a Show Judge are available on KCP Portal (CLICK HERE TO READ). All fanciers aspiring to become a show judge must thoroughly read and understand these regulations. It must be noted that these are minimum requirements and all National Kennel Clubs are allowed to put extra requirements. As a matter of fact most Kennel Clubs of the world have added more and stringiest requirement for making a judge. However, in the meeting of the Managing Committee of the KCP, held on 3rd September 2022, it was decided that KCP will have only the minimum requirement of the FCI Show Judges Rules and Regulations.

3. Based on these requirements, procedure to be adopted for selection, education and issuing of Judging License are given below which MUST BE READ IN CONJUNCTION WITH the FCI Show Judges Regulations. For becoming a National or FCI Judge, everyone has to go through selection, education and training program laid down in the FCI Show Regulations No. 2 as given below.

4. To become a National Judge or FCI Judge, a candidate has to go through first selection second dog education third practical training and finally written and practical examination as follows:-

  • Selection. Selection of Candidate by a Selection Committee appointed by the KCP. At the time of applying to become a judge and get education/training, a candidate must fulfill following criteria before his/her candidature is accepted:-
    • Must be a breeder with a registered Kennel Name and must have registered dog with KCP.
    • Must have acted as a Ring Steward or Show Secretary or Show Manager or Show Coordinator for at least five times over a minimum period of one year.
  • Education. Proper breed to breed education under experienced FCI Judges followed by more specific course.
  • Training. Practical training supervised by FCI Judges.
  • Examination. After practical training, a candidate has to take a practical test supervised by official team nominated by KCP. Committee is obliged to provide a written report about the test and results. Examination will be both on theory and practice. Candidate will be required to write a critique giving good and bad points of a dog which will be discussed with the examiner. The candidate will have to prove to Examination Committee that he knows the following:
    • Anatomy, morphology and movement of dogs.
    • Genetics, health and character.
    • Knowledge of the breed standard(s)
    • Behavior, principles and techniques of judging.
    • KCP show regulations and other additional national rules.
    • FCI Show Regulations.

5. It may be added for guidance that to fulfil FCI requirements to become a KCP National Judge it will take minimum two years to become FCI Breed Judge to judge and award CACIB within Pakistan and it will three years to become an FCI judge to judge CACIB Show abroad and ten years to become an FCI All Breed International Judge. Therefore fanciers desirous to become judges must apply now giving details to show that they fulfill criteria for selection i.e., Kennel Name, dog registered with KCP and that they have acted as Ring Steward, Show Secretary, Show Manager or Show Coordinator at official KCP shows. 
IMPORTANT NOTE: KCP has made this criteria based on the minimum requirement of FCI Show Regulations. These must be read in conjunction with the FCI Rule and Regulations for Show Judges. 

NOTE:  As laid down in Rule 8 Para 2 of the FCI Show Regulations, if a judge has not judged any show in the last five years, he will have to go through the education again to become a judge again.


Col (Retd) K. M. Roy
Kennel Club of Pakistan

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