Minutes - Special General Meeting of KCP Held on 5th December 2022

December 9, 2022


  • As required by the Constitution of the Kennel Club of Pakistan, a Special General Meeting of the Kennel Cub of Pakistan was called to assemble at Bharia Grand Hotel, Lahore on 5th December 2022 to elect Members of the Managing Committee of the Kennel Club of Pakistan.
  • At 3:00 PM, the Secretary counted the members present and reported to the President that the Special General Meeting was in Quorum.
  • Since quorum was complete, at 3:00 PM, the President called to Meeting to order.


  • President welcomed the Members and thanked the outgoing Managing Committee members for their hard work and cooperation in improving the Kennel Club of Pakistan. He explained that The Kennel Club of Pakistan had a very successful tenure during the term of this Managing Committee.  The Kennel Club of Pakistan got the full membership of FCI which is always a difficult challenge. Many Kennel Clubs, got status of full membership of FCI after 25 to 35 years. One other big achievement was getting ground for the Kennel Club of Pakistan in Rose Garden Bahria Town Lahore and now a pavilion, toilets and other facilities are also being constructed. The Kennel Club of Pakistan has not spent any money on this project. President thanked Mr. Nasir Ishaq Malik for his efforts and contributions in getting this ground and for ongoing construction work.


  • For this Election, the Managing Committee in the meeting held on 3rd September 2022, vide Minute 11.10, unanimously resolved to appoint Mr. Jamshaid Rehmat Ullah, Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan, former judge of Lahore High Court and Former Minister of the Punjab as the Election Commissioner to supervise elections of KCP.
  • After his opening remarks, President pronounced the dissolution of the present Managing Committee and handed over the Meeting to the Election Commissioner.
  • After checking all the Nomination Papers and other documents, the Election Commissioner, issued the following notification.


  • According to Article 3 of the Constitution of The Kennel Club of Pakistan, at the Special General Meeting, 15 Members of the Managing Committee have to be elected for the term. According to the notices given by the KCP, the last date of submitting Nomination Papers was 5th November 2022. The Secretary of the Kennel Club of Pakistan has certified that only 15 Nomination Papers have been submitted and he has certified that according to the record of the KCP their credentials are correct and bona-fide. The Nomination Papers have been submitted of the following fifteen members:-
    • Col (Retd) K. M. Roy
    • Nasir Ishaq Malik
    • Fareed Qureshi
    • Nauman Asghar
    • Sajjad Mehdi
    • Shahzada Adnan
    • Dr. Faisal Ibrahim Khan, DVM
    • Faheem Asghar
    • Umer Asjad Malhi
    • Zahid Sindhu
    • Samad Khan Bangash
    • Nausher Maan
    • Jawwad Riaz
    • Lt Col (Retd) Faiz Muklhtar Qureshi
    • Mohsin Naqvi
  • As only 15 members are to be elected, I declare these 15 candidates elected unopposed.


  • After announcement and notification of the Election Commissioner, first Meeting of the new Managing Committee was held. Col (Retd) K. M. Roy being the senior most elected member, presided the meeting. The Committee Members unanimously elected the following Office Holders of Kennel Club of Pakistan:-
    • Col (Retd) Kenneth M. Roy……………..…...President
    • Mr. Farid Qureshi…………………………….......Vice President
    • Mr. Nasir Ishaq Malik…………………..……...Secretary


  • As it was one agenda point meeting, the President closed the meeting at 5:00 PM.



Nasir Ishaq Milk


Kennel Club of Pakistan



Col (Retd) K. M. Roy


Kennel Club of Pakistan

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