Rules & Regulations

Dear Dog Fanciers!

Keeping in view ground realities and FCI Show Regulations, in consultation with the Secretary and Chairman KCP Show Committe, following changes have been made in our show system:-

  • Baby (minor puppy) class has been finished. By entering pups under 6 months age we unnecessarily expose pups to diseases. Though FCI allows baby class but does not encourage it and lays down that full vaccination certificate must be shown before bringing pups to the venue. Moreover, there is marked difference in the development of 3 months old pup and six months old pup so this is never a fair competition.
  • In the past, following German SV system, grading to Baby Class and Puppy Class, we have been giving grading as " Very Promising" or as "Promising ". According to FCI Show Regulations this grading is not there. FCI says that Minor Puppy and Puppy should also be given same grading as other classes. Therefore, in line with FCI Regulations, judges will be told to give same grading to Puppy Class like other classes. As FCI Full Member, we have to follow FCI system and not SV system.
  • As per FCI Show Regulations, Challenge Certificate (CC) can be awarded in CACIB shows. Order of priority will be CACIB, RESERVE CACIB and Challenge Certificate (CC). If a judge feels dog is not fit for CACIB, he can award CC.
  • The current practice is that CACIB is counted towards Championship but Reserve CACIB is not. There is dichotomy in this. When a Reserve CACIB is above CC it is unfair not to count Reserve CACIB towards championship. Therefore now KCP will count Reserve CACIB also towards championship.

Colonel K. M. Roy
Kennel Club of Pakistan