Rules & Regulations

Registration of Purebred Non-Pedigreed Dogs

KCP does allow registration of Non-pedigreed dogs if the following conditions are met:-

  1. Before applying for registration, the owner must produce the dog before a KCP licensed Judge along with two photographs of the dog, one showing profile and one showing front.
  2. The Judge would issue an Opinion Certificate saying that in his/her opnion the dog is a true representative of its breed. The Judge will also write at back of the photographs the name of the dog, sex and breed and sign.
  3. The owner would submit the Registration Application along with the two photographs and Judge’s Opnion Certificate.
  4. KCP would register the dog with pedigree showing ancestors as "Un-known". However, if any of the parent is registered with the KCP, its name will appear in the pedigree.
  5. Dogs registered with the KCP can be bred and shown in KCP as well as FCI Shows. However, according to FCI Rules non-pedigreed registered dogs can be shown in FCI International Shows and can also get National Challenge Certificates (CCs) and become even National Champions, but such dogs cannot be awarded with a CACIB. FCI Rule says only those dogs which are registered with three generation Pedigree can get a CACIB.