Rules & Regulations

Dear Dog Fanciers!

Following rules and regulations are effective with immediate effect:-

  • In all KCP Shows, entries will be online ONLY.
  • After last date of entries, KCP portal will not accept any entry and will automatically complete the catalogue and upload. After last date of entries even the President or Secretary will not be able to help as computer will not accept the entries.
  • No entry will be accepted without payment. Software has been updated to reject entry if entry fee has not been paid. You can now pay on line by Credit Card, Debit Card or by Pay Order but NO CASH.
  • All registerations, stud certificates and transfer of dogs will be online effective immediately.
  • Members can open an account on KCP Portal and put money and pay out of this account for entry fee or litter registeration etc. This will save a lot of trouble and hassle of members.

Colonel K. M. Roy
Kennel Club of Pakistan