Rules & Regulations


  1. Kennel Club of Pakistan (KCP) was formed to encourage and promote the quality breeding of purebred dogs and to protect the interests of the breed. We encourage our members and owners to become knowledgeable to maintain the Breed Standards. To achieve these goals it has been decided that all litters will be inspected before the pups are registered and pedigrees are issued.
  2. The National Breed Warden will appoint Group Breed Wardens who will be available to all members for advice.
  3. Rules for Breeders and Owners
    1. The dog must be minimum 12 months old at the time of mating.
    2. The bitch must be minimum 20 months old at the time of mating.
    3. Breeder must inform respective group breed warden regarding the litter within 7 days of whelping.
    4. Stud dog owner must upload the stud certificate within 14 days of mating on KCP portal.
  4. The Litter Inspection. The litter inspection shall be conducted at 8 weeks of age and it will include following examinations:
    1. Pedigrees of parents in accordance with the litter registration application.
    2. Age of the parents on the day of the mating.
    3. Check of the Microchip number of the parents.
    4. Overall condition of the bitch.
    5. Litter spacing.
    6. Vaccination Records.
  5. Evaluation of the litter. The bitch and puppies will be physically examined and observations will be noted concerning the following:
    1. Health and overall condition of mother.
    2. Health and overall condition of puppies.
    3. Prominent faults in puppies.
    4. All faults of the bite overshot or undershot bite will be noted.
    5. No testicle or only one testicles.
    6. Broken tails.
  6. Litter inspection can be applied online on KCP portal after one week of whelping.
  7. Once the litter inspection is approved, litter registration can be applied.
  8. Application for Pedigrees. To apply for pedigrees for the puppies the breeder must give copies of the following documents to KCP Group Breed Warden:
    1. KCP Litter registration form.
    2. Kennel prefix registration certificate.
    3. KCP Stud certificate.
    4. Pedigree certificate of both Sire and Dam.
    5. Litter registration fees.
    6. Group breed warden submits all the above-mentioned documentation to the KCP for processing of pedigrees.
  9. Maximum Age for Breeding
    1. The maximum age for breeding for Females is 9 years.
    2. The maximum age for breeding for Males is 11 years.
  10. Forms & Fees. All charges along with the form applications can be found at Fees Structure page of KCP Portal.
    1. KCP litter registration fee 3000/-.
    2. KCP pedigree fee per puppy 1500/:
    3. KCP microchip fee 1500/: All club services are exclusive to club members.
    4. To become a club member please visit Become a member page.