Rules & Regulations

Rules Regarding Imported Dogs

1. The procedure of registering imported dogs came in discussion in the KCP Managing Committee Meeting held in Lahore on 26th November 2012. All Members felt that registering of imported dogs should be made more transparent and all gaps in the procedure, if any, must be plugged so that the interests of dog owners in Pakistan are further safe guarded. The House was unanimous in their view that before registering an imported dog, KCP Staff must thoroughly check the correctness of the Pedigrees of Imported Dogs and strictly scrutinise relevant papers to ensure that the dogs have really landed in Pakistan. It has therefore been decided by the KCP that with immediate effects, the owner of the imported dogs, along with the Export Pedigrees must provide proof that the dogs have legally been imported and actually landed in Pakistan. Inter-alia, the proof will include Airway Bill and the Custom Clearing papers, showing the name of the dog and/or Pet Passport. If the copies of these documents are not attached with the registering request on a proper KCP form, dogs will not be registered.

2. All pedigreed dogs which are imported into Pakistan shall must be registered with KCP immediately, but not later than 6 months. After a delay of more than 6 months imported dog will be registered on as 'Non-Pedigreed Pure Bred Dog'.

3. Any imported pedigreed dog will be considered as non-pedigreed if it is not registered with KCP. Import pedigree is not a valid document until or unless it is verified by KCP from the issuing country. Hence, KCP registration is a MUST.

4. Sample pedigrees of all Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) member countries are available with KCP, to cross check any import pedigree if the dog is imported from some Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) member country. Pedigree can be crossed check from non member countries also.

5. Buyers must understand that if they buy an imported pedigreed dog which is yet not registered with KCP, pedigree of that dog can be fake. So any dog which is not registered with KCP shall not be bought from a non trusted breeder/source. If a dog's arrival into Pakistan is more than 6 months old, it should never be bought as pedigreed and imported dog, because now it can not be registered with KCP as pedigreed dog even if it's all documents are legal and valid.

6. An imported dog can ONLY be registered in the name of importer, whose name appears as owner on import pedigree and export documents. There after if the dog is sold, the ownership can be transferred to the next owner on a prescribed KCP form.

7. If a mated female is imported, which was mated following the breeding rules of exporting country different from the KCP rules, litter will be registered, provided there is a an FCI Export Pedigree and a valid Stud Certificate that the bitch was mated in exporting country. If it is a rottweiler female then RCP will inspect the litter and the concerned documents and then forward approval of the litter registration to KCP. The reason for requirement of FCI Export Pedigree is that in some countries age is not a factor and local clubs issue pedigrees not consistent with FCI/ADRK rules that RCP follows.

8. If a mated rottweiler female is imported from a country whose national kennel club follows ADRK breeding rules then RCP will allow registration of the litter ONLY If the breeding was done according to ADRK rules which RCP follows. In that case Breeding age for females is 20 months and males 24 months. In some countries minimum age of breeding is not a factor. In that case An FCI Export Pedigree along with valid stud certificate will be needed for registration of the litter.

9. Litter whelped by a female in Pakistan which was imported 'Pregnant' will be registered by KCP because Pedigrees are always issued by the Kennel Club of the country where the bitch whelps.

10. ZTP cleared by an imported dog under any FCI recognised club is good enough in Pakistan after import.

11. Most of the dogs which are imported are Microchipped. But that is not a must. Although, a dog must be Microchipped for international travel, but if the dog has to spend rest of his life in the importing country then Microchip is not a MUST. In other words we can say that one way travel is possible even with out a Microchip.

Single Dog Registration

In case, registration for a single dog is sought the person applying for registration must prove ownership of the dog to the full satisfaction of the KCP Staff.