Rules & Regulations

Award System at KCP Dog Shows

The Current Award System of the Kennel Club of Pakistan is explained below. It is important that all dog owners, exhibitors, judges, Stewards and members of Show Committees make them conversant with this system.

  1. Points are not awarded in KCP Shows anymore. Instead of points, Challenge Certificate (CC) is awarded. Only one dog and one bitch in each breed is eligible for a CC. Only the "Winner of Winners" Dog and "Winner of Winners" Bitch is eligible to get a Challenge Certificate, but it is NOT automatic. If a judge feels that the dog or bitch is not of sufficient quality, he or she may not award Challenge Certificate. On the Challenge Certificate the judge states "I am of firm opinion that this dog is of such a merit as to be worthy of becoming a champion". A dog getting three Challenge Certificates, from three different judges becomes a Champion. Award of CACIB and CAC, will be equal to a Challenge Certificate. (Unless an official Certificate by the Kennel Club of Pakistan is issued, the dog will not be called "CHAMPION").
  2. Once a dog is a Champion, it cannot compete for any more Challenge Certificates. It competes in Champion Class only.
  3. A Champion dog will compete in Champion Class only but will compete for Best of Breed, Best of Group and Best in Show.
  4. If a dog has been made Champion in a country other than Pakistan, to earn title of Pakistan Champion, the dog will have to compete in its Class (other than the Champion Class) and earn three Challenge Certificates to earn the title of Pakistan Champion. However, if the owner does not want Pakistan Champion title, the dog may be shown in Champion class only, but the dog will not be entitled to the title of Pak. Ch.
  5. To encourage local breeding, an award for Pakistan Bred is included in all Classes i.e., Pakistan Bred Class Winner, Pakistan Bred Winner of Winner, Best Pakistan Bred of the Breed, Best Pakistan Bred in the Group and Best Pakistan Bred in the Show.
  6. All dogs will be graded "Excellent", "Very Good", "Good", "Sufficient", "Disqualified" and "Cannot be judged". However, they will not be placed i.e., Excellent One, Excellent Two and so on.

Classes at CACIB/KCP (CAC) Dog Shows

  • Puppy Class 6 To 9 months (CACIB/CC cannot be awarded)
  • Junior Class 9 to 18 months (CACIB cannot be awarded but CC can be awarded)
  • Intermediate class 15 to 24 months (CACIB/CC can be awarded)
  • Open Class 15 months and over (CAIB/CC can be awarded)
  • Champion Class All Champions (CACIB can be awarded but CC cannot be awarded)
  • Veteran Class 8 years and over (CACIB cannot be awarded but CC can be awarded)

If a judge feels that a dog cannot be awarded CACIB but is fit for award of CC, the judge may award CC.