Rules & Regulations

Litter Registration Rules

For the registration of litters with KCP, the following requirements should be met:-

1. Both the parents of the litter must have been registered with the Kennel Club of Pakistan and the bitch should not be less than eighteen months of age at the time of mating.
2. The breeder must be a Member of KCP and must be the registered owner of the bitch (dam) and must have a Kennel Suffix / Affix registered with KCP.
3. The stud certificate should be filled online through this website, within 15 days after the date of mating.
4. The litter must be registered within three months of the birth of the litter. Litters born up to four months of the birth of the litter can be registered by paying double the amount of Registration Fee. After four months of the birth, litter will NOT be registered unless there are exceptional circumstances.
5. All puppies of the litter will be registered in the name of the Breeder and Pedigree Certificates / Registration Certificates will be issued in the name of the Breeder. The breeder will transfer puppies to new owners.

6. Litter will be registered in the name of the owner only if the Breeder has a registered Kennel name with KCP.

7. Registration Fee and Pedigree Certificate Fee must be paid by a Bank Pay Order, drawn in the name of "The Kennel Club of Pakistan" or online through KCP portal.
8. Registration Certificates and Pedigree Certificates will be sent by Courier Service at the address of the Breeder only.
9. If, at any stage, it is found that the Breeder has given any wrong details or there has been any violation of KCP Rules and Regulations, Registration of dogs will be cancelled without any notice.