Rules & Regulations

Dear Dog Owners & Members!

In the FCI General Assembly, held in Spain in June 2022, FCI pointed out that many countries had not registered their Kennel Names with FCI. It is mandatory to register Kennels with FCI. Ipso facto, in the meeting of the KCP  Managing Committee, held on 3rd September 2022, it was decided that from now onwards it will be mandatory to register Kennels with FCI. Without FCI registeration, litters registeration, issue of Pedigrees, Stud Certificates and owneership transfers etc will not be done. FCI takes long to register so once you apply to KCP, as far as KCP is concered, it will be consider that the Kennel is registered with FCI and KCP will issue papers. The total cost of kennel registeration with FCI is Rs. 6000/-. Then KCP under own arrangements will send the fee to FCI and complete further formalities. In new cases of Kennel Name Registeration, fee for registration with FCI will be imbedded in the KCP Kennel Name Registetation fee which will be total Rs. 20000/-.

Owners should give two alternative Kennel Names so that if kennel name registered with KCP is already registered with FCI by some other owner/ breeder, alternative name will be registered. In this case KCP will register both kennels with already paid fee as it will not be fault of the owner. After this breeder can technically breed under both kennel suffixes but it will be more prestigious to breed under kennel name which is registered with the FCI.

To download Form for kennel name registration with the FCI please CLICK HERE.

Form can also be copied from below.

Colonel (Retd) K. M. Roy
Kennel Club of Pakistan