Rules & Regulations

Microchipping & Litter Inspections

As per the decision of the managing Committee of the Kennel Club of Pakistan, litter inspection and COMPULSORY Microchipping has been introduced. This will be done under arrangements of KCP.

1.  As soon as a bitch is mated but not later than 7 days, the breeder will inform KCP giving the name and KCP number of the Dam and Sire. This information could be sent by SMS, WhatsApp, Email or by KCP website. 

2. As soon as litter is born but not later than 7 days, the breeder will inform the KCP, giving address where litter could be inspected. This information could be given by any mean. The representative of KCP will check the number of pups and note down number of pups, genders and colors for record. A Litter Inspection Fee of Rs. 1000/- (One thousand) will be paid to the representative of the Club at the time of litter inspection.
3. The breeders will apply for litter registeration on prescribed litter registration form along with Registration Fee. After checking the details with KCP databank, the KCP will send this form to National Breed Warden appointed by the KCP. The Breed Warden will inspect the litter and after comparing it with initial inspection record will microchip the puppies and record microchip numbers on the Litter Registration form. 

4. Microchipping can be done at six weeks age of the puppies. After microchipping, the puppies can leave the premises of the owner any time. It will be the duty of the Breed Warden to ensure that litters are inspected as soon as possible, and the staff of the Kennel Club of Pakistan will ensure that Pedigree Papers are not delayed on flimsy grounds.

5. To speed up microchipping and litter inspection, KCP will appoint National Breed Warden and Breed Wardens. If a permanent representation is not available in any city, Club can delegate this power to any other responsible person.